Kent Motorcycle Towing

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Whether you have simply run out of gas or have a flat tire we have all of the equipment necessary to either get you back on your way or if necessary to tow your motorcycle.

Let’s say that you are out in the open road of the Pacific Northwest zooming along on your Harley or Kawasaki or Honda and for some reason one of your spark plugs blows. You want to make sure that you have our phone number plugged into your smartphone or have our phone number in your wallet so that you can be sure that a trained technician will promptly be dispatched and on his way to help you get back on the road and safely off the side of the road as quickly and expediently as possible.

We are trained in assisting all different kinds of motorcycles including Harley-Davidson and road bikes and even scooters. No matter what you are riding our technicians have years and years of expertise to know how to handle them and get them back on the road as quickly and safely as possible . If you do need to have your bike towed then we have the equipment made specifically for motorcycle towing to ensure that your bike gets to the garage or mechanic or back home where it needs to be with absolutely no extra damage.

​Our drivers are backed by years of experience as well as being fully licensed and bonded by the state of Washington. You can be sure that the motorcycle specialist and towing specialist at Kent Washington towing company are rider themselves and can relate to and help with your specific motorcycle problems  no matter what they happen to be.

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